Donate to CEC

The CEC is dedicated to defending the interests and cultural identity of Eurocanadians. To achieve this we need funding. We offer you two ways to donate to us:

  1. Interac e-Transfer
  2. Bitcoin


To use e-Transfer you’ll need to log into your financial institution’s online or mobile banking and navigate to “Transfers” and  “Send Interac e-Transfer.”

Add the following account: “CEC” and email address:

Ignore “Mobile Phone Number.” Type in the amount you are sending. Specify “Send Transfer by email.” Add a personal message if you’d like.

Then add a security question and answer. This is required by the form, but not by the recipient because CLC has the Autodeposit feature turned on. Then complete the transfer by clicking “Send Transfer”.

The next page will have a box you should check saying the recipient has registered for Autodeposit and will not need to answer a security question. Your receipt will provide an individual name as the recipient as well as CEC. This is correct.


Bitcoin: 13peANkpL4bupeHRCLZ4cCyHYLF1PTC9Bt